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Egypt will supply Uzbekistan with drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C worth $4.2 million

Uzbekistan, Tashkent - AN Podrobno.uz. Egypt in 2023-2024 will supply Uzbekistan with 800 thousand units (40 tons) of drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C with a total cost of 4.2 million dollars, reports a Podrobno.uz correspondent with a link to the Dunyo news agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
According to calculations by the Institute of Virology of Uzbekistan, a full course of treatment lasting three months requires three packages of Daclatasvir and three packages of Sofosbuvir. The average price of this course in Egypt is $31, and in Uzbekistan until this year it was estimated at $100.

The 800 thousand drugs provided by the Egyptian government will meet the treatment needs of 133 thousand patients. That is, if drugs against hepatitis C were purchased for this number of patients from the state budget, then $13.3 million would be spent on this. As a result, the savings will make it possible to increase the volume of population screenings for hepatitis from the current 10 thousand to 1 million, identify hidden viruses, and make it possible to completely eradicate the disease.

It is worth noting that only mass screening of the population and active fight against hepatitis can put an end to this virus. Experts note that this goal can be achieved by 2030 through active work based on a specially developed program. At the same time, the Egyptian side expressed its readiness to share with Uzbek specialists special diagnostic instruments created by Egyptian scientists and Egyptian experience in the fight against hepatitis.

It should be noted that Egypt has made significant progress in the fight against hepatitis B and C viruses. On October 9 this year, the Egyptian Ministry of Health was solemnly presented with a WHO “gold certificate”, stating that the country’s population was completely free of this disease.